hair-Vice Mayor Jim Kihm

Image result for jim kihmIn 2018, Jim Kihm was elected to serve as the City Commission Chair/Vice-Mayor and was first elected to the City Commission in 2017.  His two-year term will expire November 2019.  Commissioner Kihm serves as the Commission's Legislative Liaison and represents the City for the Manatee County Council of Governments, and the ManaSota League of Cities.

Commissioner Kihm received a BS from Miami University, MBA from Xavier University, and Masters Corporate Real Estate.  He has held a variety of managerial positions in pharmaceutical and the medical device industry.  He also served as Director of Construction for a Fortune 500 Company, President of large Industrial Parkís Owners Association for over 20 years, and has knowledge of finance and budgets.

His community involvement includes serving as a member of the Bradenton Yacht Club Finance Committee and Bradenton Yacht Club's Long Range Planning Committee.  He has volunteered at Food and Wine on Pine, Bayfest AMI, The Chalk Festival, Art Walk, and Anna Maria Home Sweet Home.  His political background involves serving on the Washington, NJ Board of Adjustments.

Born in Indiana, Commissioner Kihm grew up and attended Ohio schools.  He has lived in Ohio, New Jersey, Maryland, and now Florida.  He has been married to Connie Kihm for 52 years.  They are both members of the St. Bernardís Catholic Church.


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