Commercial & Home Occupation Business Tax Receipt
All Business Tax Receipts are issued annually October 1 through September 30.  It is the business owner's responsibility to renew their Business Tax Receipt prior to September 30 each year.  For further information, please contact the Business Tax Official at City Hall - 941-708-5800.
Commercial Business Tax Receipt
For futher information, please contact:
Maureen Gluff, Assistant Deputy Clerk
Certified Business Tax Official
941-708-5800, ext. 221

If you are planning to operate a commercial business in the City, you must obtain a commercial Business Tax Receipt and conduct your business in a commercially zoned area.  Before leasing space, you may want to contact the City Zoning Department at 941-708-5833 or to determine if the site is located in the correct zoning district.
Commercial Location Business Tax Receipt Application:
Home Business Tax Receipt
Maureen Gluff, Assistant Deputy Clerk
Certified Business Tax Official
941-708-5800, ext. 221

Home-based businesses are permitted as long as the business is conducted  strictly by telephone, mail, or computer.  You may not have employees other than relatives residing in your home.  You may not have customers coming to your home, and your business should not attract vehicular traffic.
Home Business Tax Receipt Application:

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