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Important information is available under "Flood & Hurricane Protection Information" link

Commercial Construction activities, operation of construction equipment and commercial lawn care activities are prohibited on Sunday and the following holidays:  New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.


 Building Permit Applications & other associated forms are available for download under the "Forms" link on the Home Page.


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Permit Requirements - Property owners who are having work done are usually not familiar with local building codes and believe a contractor will make sure that a building permit has been obtained. Remember: The property owner is ultimately responsible for having a building permit on the job.

Obtaining a building permit for the work being done assures you that the Florida Building Code and City of Holmes Beach Codes are being followed. A certified Plan Reviewer examines the plans and a certified Building Inspector does the inspections.

Working without a required permit:  If the Building Inspector or Code Enforcement Officer finds work in progress without the required permit, the contractor is cited  and this can result in having to pay double fees for the permit and/or fines.

FOR LAND DEVELOPMENT CODE INFORMATION: Municode  (     (Click on "Online Library" )


These Projects require a building permit:


All Electrical projects

Concrete slabs

Decks, Gazebos

Demolition work

Driveways, sidewalks

Fences, Gates

Hurricane shutters

Marine: docks, boatlifts, pilings, seawalls

Mechanical, new and renovations

Natural Gas hook ups

Plumbing new and renovations

Pools, spas, cages

Propane tanks. gas water heaters



Screen enclosures


Signs (permanent & temporary)

Solar systems

Structural alterations or repairs

Windows, exterior doors, garage doors

it is advisable to call the Building Department at 941-708-5833 before starting any work on your property to see if a permit is required!



when and how to obtain a Building & Floodplain Development Permit: 

Almost all construction activities require a permit from The City of Holmes Beach prior to commencing work.


New construction demolition or additions, major remodeling, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, roofing, docks, lifts, seawalls, fences, pools, spas, screen rooms, windows & doors, sheds and accessory structures would be included in work that needs a permit. 


Any major work that disturbs the ground (new structures, additions, demolition & pools) requires a permit and also an Erosion Control permit prior to commencing this work.


If you are not sure the work you are planning on doing requires a permit call the building department, 941-708-5833.


Things such as painting, stuccoing, siding, soffit, facia, flooring and such do not require a permit.


To apply for a permit: 

Building permit applications and associated forms are available at the building department, 5801 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach, or they can be assessed online at under “FORMS” on the main page.  They must be submitted to the building department for review by the Plans Reviewer.  Applications usually take 5-10 days for approval, longer for more involved projects.  ONLY CONTRACTORS OR AUTHORIZED AGENTS CAN SUBMIT AND PICK UP PERMITS. 





Starting work without a permit is prohibited, a stop work order will be issued and a triple fee will be accessed when the permit is applied for.


INSPECTIONS are called into our inspection line, 941-708-5800 ext. 261.  Please allow 24 hours prior to the inspection.  Certain permits, such as roofing and concrete pours, allow for inspections to be called in less than 24 hours if needed.


When application is made for a building permit:  the Building Department Clerk checks to make sure the contractor is properly licensed and has the required general liability insurance and workman’s comprehensive insurance or an exemption.

When the work is completed:  a City building inspector then inspects the completed job to make sure it was done properly and complies with the City and State code. This protects you and your neighbors from substandard work that may result in later damage (electrical fire, plumbing leaks, safety issues, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Building Permit cost?

The cost of all permits is $48.00 for the first $1,000 of value plus $30.50 for each additional $1,000 of value or portion thereof; due upon issuance of permit.   All permit fees are regulated by and specified in the City Code of Ordinances.


Please note BOTH s.553.721, F.S. (Department of Community Affairs/Florida Building Commission) and s.468.631, F.S., (Department of Business and Professional Regulation) require collection of 1 percent, and 1.5 percent fee, respectively, or a minimum of $2 of the cost of the permit fee.


You can also call the Building department at 941-708-5833 or e-mail:  or FAX to 941-708-5812.


Will my contractor obtain the permit?

Most properly licensed and insured contractors know what projects require a permit.  Unfortunately, not all contractors comply with this requirement.  Please remember, it is the property owner who is responsible for ensuring that all work on his/her property is preceded by acquisition of the appropriate permits.


How do I find out if my contractor is licensed?

Most all work that requires a permit must be done by a licensed contractor per Florida State law.   Before you sign a contract for repairs or construction work make sure the contractor has a Florida State License, current General Liability and Workman’s Comprehension Insurance or an exception to it.  

Hiring unlicensed contractors is not recommended and both the unlicensed contractor and the owner who ordered the work may be subject to severe fines and penalties. Call the Building Department at 941-708-5833 to verify a contractor's status or check with the Department of Business and Professional Regulations at 800-704-1077 or


Florida Building Code   (

Municode  (     (Click on "Online Library" )

Sunshine One Call  (

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