William L. Tokajer, Chief of Police

Chief of Police

William L. Tokajer chief@holmesbeach.org 941-708-5804

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Parking Tickets and Citations

If you have received a parking ticket from the City of Holmes Beach Police, you can pay it by one of the following methods listed below:
  1. You need only to include your payment in the yellow self-addressed envelope and mail your payment to the address on the envelope. 
  2. If you wish to contest the Ticket, you may do so within 10 working days by contacting the Police Department at 941-708-5807 and arrange for a hearing.
  3. To pay by credit card click here - or contact the City Clerk's Office at (941) 708-5800.  A 3.5% Service Fee will be added to your payment, and listed on your credit card statement as myflorida.county.com.

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